Makers Quarter

Craft creates Culture, Culture creates Community.


Maker's Quarter. Maker's Quarter is an urban district and real estate development in downtown San Diego. Maker's Quarter is a live/work/play neighborhood that is more than a new place, it's a new kind of place. This is a place where creative culture brings to life a collaborative community. It's a place that embraces its authentic contradictions. It's true to both its core values, and the city of San Diego. 


Maker's Quarter came to BASIC in need of a brand strategy that would allow the district to evolve over the next 15 years. They challenged BASIC to create an identity that was flexible and adaptable for the future, yet still able to resonate with the millenial creative of today.


Print, Web, Outdoor




As copywriter, I was responsible for developing brand messaging, website copy and outdoor messaging explorations for Maker's Quarter.

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Full Credits:



Executive Creative Director:

Matt Faulk

Creative Director:

Erich Broesel

Creative Strategist:

Andrew Yanoscik

Senior Designer:

Erwin Hines

Junior Designer:

Arthur Armenta