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BASIC. BASIC is a creative agency that builds brands through Systems and Stories™.


Launched in 2011, BASIC has quickly grown to become a premiere Creative agency in San Diego that specializes in Branding, Design and Video Production. As the agency transitioned from a boutique, start-up agency to a mid-size, full-service creative agency, it became increasingly important to grow the marketing and self-promotional budgets and resources of the agency.

I created an integrated marketing plan and self-promotional campaign for 2013 that included both online and offline tactics, such as: social media marketing, Organic SEO, Email marketing, monthly analytics reporting, event marketing and development of internal culture.


Web, Print.


Search, Social, Local, Email and Event Marketing; Public Relations; Web, Print and TV/Video Copywriting.


At BASIC, I wore many hats. As Digital Marketing Director, I was responsible for everything from promoting the agency, business development and networking, to development of internal culture, office manager, comprehensive communications for the agency and creative production/strategy for clients in both marketing and copywriting.

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Executive Creative Director:

Matt Faulk

Creative Director:

Erich Broesel