Who is Jacob Tyler?


Jacob Tyler Creative Group (JTCG). JTCG is a tightly knit group of talented and experienced marketing, media, and software development professionals. JTCG is a full-service, boutique design firm specializing in printed collateral, Web design and Web development, product design, and online marketing.


Launched in 2007, JTCG quickly grew to become a premiere Web Design agency in San Diego. As an agency full of web designers, developers and video production artists, the team was in desperate need of a conceptual copywriter with high marketing, advertising and business IQ.

I was taked with marketing and copywriting responsibilities, such as: social media marketing, Organic SEO, email marketing, monthly analytics reporting, event marketing and copywriting for both JTCG as well as clients.


Web, Print, Outdoor.


Search, Social, Email and Event Marketing; Public Relations; Web, Print and Outdoor Copywriting.


As Marketing Coordinator/Junior Copywriter, I was responsible for everything from social, search, email and event marketing, as well as analytics for the agency to copywriting for marketing collateral, the website, the blog, press releases, social media writing and self-promotional advertising for print, web and outdoor.

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Jacob Tyler Creative Group


Les Kollegian

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Charlie Van Vechten