Lamkin Golf Grips

N-DUR with 3GEN.


Lamkin. Lamkin Corporation is a leading manufacturer of premium golf grips in San Diego, California.


Lamkin hired Jacob Tyler Creative Group to create a print advertising campaign that would showcase their revolutionary 3GEN synthetic rubber as well as their newest golf grip, the NDUR.

We created an integrated advertising campaign that played off of recognizable scenes from the movie Caddyshack. Starring comedian/actor Bill Murray, the three print ads pulled from select language such as "Cinderella Story," "I'm going to give you a little advice," and "Stop Thinking. Let things happen, and be the ball."


As Copywriter, I came up with the concept for the advertising campaign, and the messaging for the three print ads, supporting display ads and copy for the entire website.

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Full Credits:


Jacob Tyler Creative Group

Creative Director: 

Les Kollegian

Art Director:

Gordon Tsuji

Senior Designer:

Jessica Tsuji

Flash Designer:

Adam Roop


Cole Miller