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That's Your Body is a San Diego-based Massage Center that offers a holistic approach to healing and wellness through massage, yoga, nutrition, acupuncture and simplified living.



That's Your Body has been in business for almost 10 years, and they have developed a great business reputation offline for being one of San Diego's most successful massage centers. The problem the company faced was maintaining consistent appointments for long-term, loyal clients. Many of That's Your Body's health and wellness offerings were typically not seen as 'repeat-services.'

That's Your Body enlisted MODE 3 to create a marketing solution that would increase long-term, repeat customers as well as brand awareness with new customers. Additionally, That's Your Body needed help establishing their online relevance through a combination of Organic SEO, Social Media, direct mail and creative development services. The primary brand's goals were to:

  • Increase long-term, repeat clients
  • Increase brand awareness with new customers
  • Establish the brand online through social media marketing and Organic SEO
  • Develop a more authentic brand guidelines for messaging tone and voice
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Increase aligned clients (from the website, social media and direct mail)
  • Reflect the brand's healthy offline reputation online



MODE 3 created a very personalized direct mail campaign that utilized the experience of the Founder's recent family vacation. After being back in his home country of Israel for a few days, he was quickly reminded of how easy it is to lose track of the healthy relationships that are most important when we get busy.

The realization was used as the foundation of the letter and the messaging subtly suggested that recipients reincorporate some of That's Your Body's health and wellness services into their regular schedules again.

The original draft of the letter was concepted and created by MODE 3, then 30 duplicates were hand-written by the Founder of That's Your Body and finally sent to 30 long-term (at least 5-8+ years) clients two weeks before Christmas. And YES - MODE 3 purposely had the Founder handwrite 30 separate letters, because in today's digital age - a handwritten letter is 50x more impressive than it was 10 years ago. And despite the below-average legibility, many recipients specifically said they felt that it "added more authenticity to the letter" and they appreciated the "additional effort instead of simply printing 30 copies."

Additionally, the holiday card included a "Buy Two get One Free" coupon for massages, encouraging recipients to purchase two 1-hour massages and give the third massage to a friend or loved one as a holiday gift.

MODE 3 was responsible for creative development, strategy, messaging, search, social and email marketing.



The marketing efforts and creative strategy that MODE 3 provided for That's Your Body resulted in increased appointments, qualified leads, Organic SEO rankings and overall increases in website traffic and fans/followers across all social media communities. More specifically, of the 30 letters that were sent out before Christmas, 22 of the recipients purchased massages with the coupon within the first month, and 15 of those recipients referred new customers to That's Your Body within the first three months.

Overall, the strategy was the most successful direct mail campaign that MODE 3 has ever executed - over 70% of the letters that were sent out lead to purchases and referrals within 90 days.