Brand Messaging

Brand Messaging
Every brand has a personality, and every personality needs a voice. What's yours?

  • "Define what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice, and then communicate consistently in those terms." - Simon Mainwaring

    • Brand Messaging Guidelines and Development
    • Brand Identity and Personality 
    • Brand Positioning
    • Language and Tone of Voice
    • Naming
    • Taglines, Headlines and Calls-to-Action
    • UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
    • 10-Second Elevator Pitch

Brand messaging provides the words that help customers and prospects understand a brands value (why its useful) and values (what it believes in).

It articulates the brand's promise and stimulates desire for a firm's services. A brand's messaging sums up all of the experiential characteristics of a brand and rallies them behind a single flag. In the war for customers' hearts, messaging leads the charge.

Messaging can take various forms—a tagline, ad slogans, headlines—but they all share a few common traits. Persuasive brand messages are always brief and convey critical aspects of a brand. Effective brand messages usually oversimplify something that in reality is complex and nuanced. This over-simplification is a good thing, however, because the goal of a brand is to be noticed, remembered and desired. In an over-communicated world, the only way to get inside the minds of prospects is to whittle away at your message until it comes to a sharp point. You may leave some details on the floor, but the thrust will really drive home.