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When it comes to Copywriting, the work doesn't stop after the story is created - in fact, that's only the beginning. There is a lot of groundwork that goes into it beforehand - we have to research your industry, your competitors and get a complete understanding of your business before we even write one word. Creating the story is one thing, introducing it properly and then sharing it effectively is an entirely different process.

Implementation is key – creating written communications that inspire, steer and engage people. But before that, MODE 3 works with clients to help them identify what their brand is all about: we look at the words that best convey a brand's essence, and the key message a brand must communicate. To do this, we use a tried and tested three-stage process.

Insight: It all starts with defining and road-testing your brand's tone of voice. We'll undertake a brand communications audit, interview key decision makers and get a deep understanding of your brand - where it is now and where you want it to be.

Development: We'll then develop guiding principles for brand communications teams to follow, getting employees, directors and even stakeholders to firmly embrace your tone of voice through written communications training and engagement.

Implementation: And of course, we'll collaboratively figure out the best way to introduce your story and make sure it reaches the people who matter most.