I recently returned from one of the best trips of my life - traveling with 7 of my best friends in Japan and Thailand for a month. I absolutely fell in love with Tokyo, and it wasn't just because I'm Japanese and my mother was born there. I loved the similarities to New York – high fashion, unparalleled architecture, great public transportation, but it was also much cleaner, safer, quieter and more polite than NYC. Now don't get me wrong, I love the Big Apple, but I don't think I could actually live there for more than a year, and it would most likely be looked at as an experiment. Tokyo on the other hand, I felt an instant connection with from day one, and if I ever get a career opportunity to move over there for a few years, I'm going to jump on it.

Now that I'm back to real life and feeling refreshed, inspired and energetic, I can't help but know what I have thought and assumed for years now – traveling readies the mind for creativity. But it doesn't have to be a month-long vacation with your best friends - a change of scenery, even just a short business trip to a new city - it stimulates your brain in the same way. For me, getting out of my comfort zone geographically has turned out to be a great mechanism for getting my mind dialed-in and into my comfort zone creatively.

December 16, 2013  /  Thoughts

Be Real = Be Trustworthy

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Tons of today's consumer products and services are supposedly the best, easiest, simplest, smartest, most-beautiful, cost-effective and affordable things in their vertical. They also increase profits, decrease costs and save you time.

So knowing all of that, your decision to choose one is now very easy: they're all the best! No matter which one you pick, it'll be perfect! Right?!

Or so it seems, anyway.

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So far in 2013, out of all of the new social media tools and strategies that have been developing, I've heard the most buzz about Vine. So I connected my Twitter account and started using it. Vine is different from other video apps because you can stop and start your video several times during recordings with the touch and release of your finger. This is a great differentiator because it gives users the ability to experiment with stop motion video creation, which will naturally promote more creative content.

I uploaded the video clip of the multiple screens at my desk and some of my coworkers. Additionally, you can upload the videos straight to Vimeo or YouTube, so the videos are easily shareable, and you have the option to tweet or share them on Facebook immediately from the app. Twitter actually purchased Vine a few months back, and since Vine only gives you 6 seconds to make a micro-video, that condensed, micro-style of content creation is very appropriate and carries over well with tweets.

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