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Umpqua: The World's Greatest Bank

Umpqua Bank


Umpqua Holdings Corporation has announced that they will be partnering with Sterling Financial Corporation. This merger will create the West coast's largest community bank and will be official on April 18, 2014. Umpqua will have approximately $22 billion in assets, $15 billion in loans and $16 billion in deposits, with 5,000 associates and 394 stores across five states - Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho and Nevada.

The combined company will operate as Umpqua Holdings Corporation and conduct banking operations under the Umpqua bank nane and brand. BUT before that can happen, there will be extensive re-branding efforts, especially in copywriting and copyediting, content strategy, campaign ideation, tone and voice development and messaging guideline creation - and that's exactly why Umpqua reached out to MODE 3's Founder.

MODE 3's Founder, Jonathan Marshall, will be brought-on for a three month project as a Copywriter to work directly with Umpqua's 30-person internal creative team. Jonathan will work alongside web designers, video production artists, UI/UX designers, photographers, web developers, mobile designers, art directors, brand strategists, creative directors and other writers to help maintain the Umpqua brand personality and bring the new and improved Sterling brand to life. Jonathan will write and edit copy for everything from sales letters, marketing brochures, flyers and website copy, to ATM screen messaging, scripts, print ads, and overarching brand positioning statements. 

The entire Umpqua project, goals, collaborative style and timeline is perfect for MODE 3's approach and offerings, and Jonathan believes it will be a great opportunity to learn how a Fortune 100 company operates, "Umpqua has sort of flipped the idea of 'community bank' on it's head, and this merger will be a HUGE step forward in Umpqua's greater goal of 'building a community bank at any size.' After the dust settles, Umpqua will become a new and improved bank that offers the products and expertise of a much larger bank, the engagement of a community bank and the innovative customer experience of a leading retailer," said Jonathan.

There will be another post-project blog posted in May with more details about the finalized merger, Jonathan's overall experience, some Fortune 100 takeaways and hopefully some creative work samples as well - so keep an eye out for that!

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