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MODE 3's Founder, Jonathan Marshall, has accepted a Copywriting position with Nike and will be working on the Global Sales and Commercial Content team. Jonathan will work alongside copy directors, web, product, print and mobile designers, video production artists, photographers, web developers, art directors, brand strategists, creative directors, copy editors, product experts and other copywriters to help tell the story of the Nike brand.

Jonathan will be responsible for coming up with creative storytelling ideas and write all sorts of copy, including: brand messaging, product descriptions, headlines, taglines, video scripts and positioning statements across many Nike sport categories (basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf, running, tennis, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, snowboarding, skateboarding, training, track and field, yoga and sportswear). There will be many other creative challenges, perks, growth opportunities and experiences along the way, but this will be the bulk of his responsibilities.

Working at Nike has been a lifelong dream for Jonathan, and he has been a competitive athlete his entire life. In fact, the entire reason he changed his major to Advertising in college was to eventually have an opportunity to work at a premiere creative agency that partners with Nike. These agencies he idolized are some of the best in the world - Wieden + Kennedy, McCann, AKQA, Razorfish, DDB, R/GA, Saatchi & Saatchi and a handful of others that partner with the global sportswear brand for different marketing, advertising and branding initiatives.

The original plan for Jonathan in college was to get five or six years of experience at creative agencies in San Diego, and then move to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago or Portland and try to get a job at one of these agencies. After eight months of persistence, misfit freelance projects, actively power-networking and seemingly-endless informational interviews with Nike, Wieden + Kennedy, STRUCK, AKQA, Instrument and Razorfish, Jonathan was offered an unbeatable career opportunity as a creative at Nike this month

Although Jonathan will be very busy at Nike, he will still occasionally write for the MODE 3 blog and guest blog on the side. That being said, all of MODE 3's current client relationships and freelance projects will have to be put on pause indefinitely. If anything changes with Jonathan's availability and MODE 3 can accept new clients and projects, a future blog will speak to those opportunities.




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